something spooky for the new year!

brand new to this shop! this 16oz. double-walled plastic tumbler is perfect for keeping your cold drinks cold & your hot drinks hot. filled with various shades of green glitter, decorated with black matte & glossy permanent vinyl. complete with clear lid & straw. black & green drippy "Poison" tumbler

new year, new vintage?

just a quick revamp! after some minor adjustments, we are now with an updated logo for the new year! 2022 was a very successful year & I am very grateful for all of my customers, & happy to have gained some newbies. 2023 is bringing you more vinyl creations & tumblers. I know we... Continue Reading →

Vendetta 3D Printing

I'm happy to announce a joint venture with my other half! my boyfriend has recently gotten into 3D printing, & has started up a little business of his own. we came up with "Vendetta 3D" as V for Vendetta is his favorite movie . . . & we like a theme around here (Vintage, Vendetta?... Continue Reading →

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