Valentine’s Day & Cat Butts

some Valentine’s Day resin shakers in the works in pretty reds & glittery purples. adding more animal themed items to the shop this year, including some cat butts. & as always, resin earrings in the works for the year-round spooky souls.

new year, new vintage?

just a quick revamp! after some minor adjustments, we are now with an updated logo for the new year! 2022 was a very successful year & I am very grateful for all of my customers, & happy to have gained some newbies. 2023 is bringing you more vinyl creations & tumblers. I know we... Continue Reading →

summer revamp!

it's been a few busy months but I'm happy to show you the revamped site, logo & now we are on Etsy! I'm looking forward to bringing you new items this summer & getting us ready for spooky season. checkout the updated catalog page for items listed on my Etsy. as usual, please let me... Continue Reading →

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